RER and passive houses Е-мейл

energyOur team has extensive experience in using renewable energy resources and in particular, in the field of wind and photovoltaic power plants. We provide consulting services and preparing financial plans and thanks to our partners we can offer our clients an equipment, terrain and development of the whole project. 


We have extensive knowledge of Bulgarian legislation and we provide agency services to finance and acquire capital to produce green energy.

Taxar Ltd is at the forefront of international developments, closely monitoring market trends. 

We offer consulting services in the field of passive houses and green projects. It is a new construction technology even for the most developed countries like the USA and Germany, which could reduce heating costs by more than 80%.

At the same time the house offers its dwellers a cosy and healthy micro-climate throughout the year. 

Using high quality insulation and construction materials that are specially designed to contain heat, combined with doubling of the geothermal energy, allow for the construction of a green house with optimal energy efficiency and a modern design.

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